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21 May

What’s cookin’ in the kitchen?

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Spring is in full swing here at English Rose Suites and b home Home Care! The robin's are back and singing their sweet songs in the morning; the flowers are popping up and making life more colorful; the lilacs are in full bloom bring a sweet smell to our winter weary homes. The change in [...]

15 May

23rd Annual Alzheimer’s Association Purple Gala

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On Saturday May 9th, we were so honored to be invited to continue our tradition of attending the Alzheimer’s Association’s 23rd Annual Purple Gala! Ten of our Leadership team members slipped into their finest threads and went out to celebrate everyone impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. We had the privilege of hearing Glen [...]

8 May

A Lovely Mother’s Day Gift

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We would love to wish all of the Mother's in our lives a very happy Mother's Day weekend. To celebrate, we are giving away a 7 day Essential Oils starter kit! Included in the kit are oils that will help:  sleep anxiety digestion alertness clear thinking pain relaxing keeping mosquitos away disinfecting headaches To be [...]