A Day in the Life of Memory Care
At English Rose Suites, we embrace the special uniqueness and one-of-a-kind individuality of each of our Residents. Our vision is to change the landscape of Memory Care for individuals living with dementia and other cognitive impairments by improving their quality of life. We deliver an unsurpassed level of tender and loving care that enhances lives and restores relationships with loved ones. Explore what makes a Day in the Life different at English Rose Suites.


Residential Dementia Care

A day in the life at English Rose Suites is a well thought out, intentional experience. Each individual’s dementia journey is different and our Person-Centered Memory Care approach allows us to focus on the physical, occupational, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual wellness of each of our Residents and their loved ones. Hallmarks are essential to a person’s well-being. Meaningful Engagement met with exceptional daily personal care are the Hallmarks of English Rose Suites.

Learn more about each of the English Rose Suites Hallmarks.

Essential Oils | Aromatherapy in Our Homes

Essential oils are a unique multidimensional healing tool that helps prevent imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Essential Oils reduce stress and help to prevent future stress related issues – less muscle tension, digestive issues, sleep disruptions and mood imbalances.  The benefits of aromatherapy in assisting our Residents with sleeplessness, agitation, lack of appetite, pain and other emotional and physical ailments, have been proven repeatedly by our staff to support the Residents’ well-being.

View our IRB Essential Oil Study with HealthPartners Center for Memory and Aging.

Use of Essential Oils in Memory Care Aromatherapy assisted living

Meaningful Engagement | Programming and Activities

Dementia Care Activities

Our social engagement is tailored to each Resident’s unique interests and needs.

  • Meaningful programming includes meaningful daily household activities
  • Dynamic community involvement opportunities
  • Montessori partnership promotes interaction & engagement with young people
  • Dinner parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and seasonal celebrations
  • Music therapist, musical entertainment, sing-a-longs, personalized iPod playlists, and use of unique musical instruments

View this month’s Meaningful Engagement Calendar.

Dining Experience

Our menus offer great variety from tried and true homemade favorites such as chicken noodle soup to traditional pot roast dinners with all the fixings or more sophisticated fare, such as glazed salmon with brown rice and roasted asparagus. In addition to our recipes, we have adopted many of our Resident’s favorite family recipes, hoping we can “surprise” them with a special meal that connects with their past. Great joy is brought to our Resident’s when they share memories of their favorite recipes.

View a sample of our menu.

Memory Care Diet
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