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20 October

A Deeper Understanding – Mill City Commons


Village to Village Network Mill City Commons is part of The Village to Village Network, a national organization that collaborates to maximize the growth, impact and sustainability of individual Villages and the Village Movement. The “village” concept originated in Boston, Massachusetts over 15 years ago. Its members, aged 52 to 98, had arranged available support [...]

13 October

Insights on Dementia | Conferences & Events


Insights on Dementia | Conferences & Events Whether it’s training staff on Dementia, consulting, or speaking at local and national events, Jayne Clairmont is a busy bee sharing her insight and knowledge on dementia and caregiving. Last week Clairmont, Owner and CEO of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care had the opportunity to speak [...]

6 October

Lavender: It Really Does Work!

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Lavender: It Really Does Work! When writing, I generally try to blog from the perspective of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care as a whole, so I am trying something different with this one! This will be one of the first blogs that has more of my narrative in it. I started working at English Rose [...]

2 October

Getting Creative!


Getting Creative!  What else could be better than taking time out of the day to enjoy a little arts and crafts?  The residents enjoyed a creative morning activity. Just like the benefits of music for memory, art has a positive impact on Alzheimer’s with improved feelings emotionally and physically. According to, “Art provides a [...]

22 September

Lavender Where? And Other Essential Oils

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Lavender essential oil is known to help calm and relax you. English Rose Suites uses lavender on a daily basis in all of our homes. Whether it’s diffused or incorporated into hand massages, essential oils can be integrated into daily life no matter how young or old. They can benefit in one way or another. Jayne Clairmont, [...]

8 September

Alzheimer’s Association – Purple Gala & Walk to End Alz

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Alzheimer's Association: Purple Gala & Walk to End Alz Purple Gala The 2017 Alzheimer’s Association Purple Gala was held this past May at The Depot downtown Minneapolis. Official numbers of the amount of money that was raised during the event have been released. The Gala on May 6th raised more than $860,000 and brought together more [...]

17 August

An Afternoon Shower

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An Afternoon Shower Last week was a busy one here at English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care, but that didn’t stop us from having a little fun Tuesday afternoon. We took some time to slow down and celebrate the new life that is about to come into the world. The ladies at our Interlachen [...]

7 August

Puzzles & Company

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Puzzles & Company For her ninth grade project at South View Middle School, Kirby had to choose a current issue or topic, volunteer 15 hours at an organization relating to the topic, and conduct research. For the project, Kirby and her group created a website showcasing everything they had learned. “We decided on memory loss and elderly [...]

28 July

English Rose Suites | Indian Hills

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English Rose Suites | Indian Hills A product is only as thorough as its process. The same can be said about the latest addition to English Rose Suites. We purchased the home last fall and have been in the process of completing renovations and ready to officially open. Our new home is located in the [...]