Jayne Clairmont is an expert on caregiving, specifically on caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Regardless of whether that is your organizations focus of care, she can help assess staff structure, current training, and work with you to develop a model of care which is focused on caregiver engagement and Person-Centered care. Whether you are in need of a long term consultant or short term training, your organization, and most importantly the people that you serve, will be transformed by Jayne’s knowledge and delivery.
Business Consultation and Training Jayne Clairmont
“Jayne was on fire! It’s a topic that hits home for a lot of people and it was undoubtedly worthwhile. I’m sure everyone in that room is better for having been there and will tell others about Jayne. I would recommend it to anyone – Jayne is knowledgeable, passionate and in the game for all the right reasons.”
Tyler, Christensen Group
Jayne helped us with a client educational presentation on long term care [insurance] yesterday that was very well received by our clients.
We appreciate your introduction to Jayne as a true expert in her field.
David J. Bromelkamp, President & CEO, Allodium Investment Consultants
Your passion for staff training is exemplary – there is no one better in the industry. I would highly recommend anyone truly interested in providing a first class dementia program to call you for training and/or consulting. Your “hands on” approach to staff training coupled with your Resident-Centered approach to care are the cornerstones of your success!
Mari Jo Grace, Minneapolis, MN
A person who makes a difference…money well invested…One who brings a paradigm shift in thinking how to manage Alzheimer’s care, [Jayne] did a fantastic job in training all of the staff on how to successfully manage the challenges of this disease. Families saw the difference and it accounted for much of our success. Very few people know how to do it well!
Gordon Smith, Birmingham, AL
Jayne Clairmont, the woman who spoke at our staff meeting on Alzheimer’s [disease], was one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard – an immediate, creative live wire! I learned a ton and hope she can come back someday. She was so passionate about her topic and in the moment!
John Bailey, Bloomington, MN
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