Fun in the Sun

One of our favorite summer outings is taking a day trip out to the lake for a good ole’ boat ride. Last week we took residents out to Lake Minnetonka to relax and enjoy the fresh air and water. The weather could not have been any more perfect. Nothing is better than sunshine on your face and wind in your hair. A little fun in the sun is just the way to celebrate the end of the summer.

Wednesday morning we loaded the coolers in the trunk making sure we remembered to grab water and lemonade for everyone. One of the caregivers was kind enough to make sandwiches for our lunch the night before. We helped the residents in to the car and started our 30 minute trek out to Lake Minnetonka. Doesn’t the saying go “isn’t half the fun getting there?”  It proved true on this day.

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The car ride was enjoyable for the residents as we reminisced about how they spent their summers growing up. The conversations in the car on the way were light, filled with happy memories of younger years, and laughs. Many residents had a story or two about the time they spent at any one of the 10,000 lakes we have in Minnesota or other lakes and oceans.

We conversed about enjoying summer and being outside. One Resident talked about her cabin she used to have at a lake. As we got closer towards Lake Minnetonka, she smiled and said this looks like her lake – she recognized water and the surrounding trees being similar to her, Big Stone Lake.

Ben, our Maintenance Superintendent, not only was our Captain on the boat, but he also chauffeured us to and from the lake. On the way there he mentioned how one of the dryers at a home needed to be repaired. One resident chimed in and said, “Well you know what? We never had that problem. We had clotheslines for that.” It made for a good chuckle.

Once we arrived at Rockvam Boatyards, Inc. we were greeted by their staff who had the boat parked at the closest dock with wheelchair access all ready for us. They patiently waited for us to get our group over and helped each and every one of us on to the boat. The residents must have been excited to be on the boat because they all wanted to sit upfront and in the sun. We got everyone comfortable and handed out lifejackets. Once we were all situated we left the dock and started our “3 hour tour,” only we made it back safe and sound.

By the time we got out onto the water it was around 11am, it gave us some time to just relax, enjoy the view and just be outside before we dished out lunch. We trolled slowly around the lake hugging the shore “oohing and ahhing” over the extravagant houses on the lake. Being a Wednesday, it was a quieter day on Lake Minnetonka which I think made it more enjoyable for the residents and “Captain Ben” to not have to worry about avoiding extra wake from other boats.

Around noon we dove into the coolers for lunch. We had delicious chicken salad sandwiches and potato chips while sipping on ice cold lemonade. The residents enjoyed having a different view for lunch. It is nice to change it up a bit which is why on days where the weather is nice we like to enjoy lunch out on the patios of our homes.

After lunch we drove the boat towards the next bay. Jayne Clairmont, our Owner and CEO, has a friend who lives on the lake so we decided to pass by and say hi. His extended family and many grandchildren were in town and all out by the water and swimming. The residents loved watching the kids enjoy the water. After strolling by, we decided it was time to head back to the boat rental place and end our excursion – the residents were ready for an afternoon nap after all of the fun.

We could not have asked for a better day to be out on the water with the residents. It’s not always easy planning and prepping big adventurous outings, but it is always worth it when you see smiles on the residents’ faces.