Dementia Programming and Activities combined with exceptional daily personal care are our HALLMARKS at English Rose Suites

Cognitive / Intellectual 

Appropriate Daily News, Trivia, Crossword, BINGO, Cards, Checkers

Sensory Stimulation 

Manicures / Pedicures, Finger Painting, Play-Dough,
Fresh Flowers, Spice Smelling, Massage


Dinner Parties, Coffee Breaks, Afternoon Snacks,
Entertainment in Homes, Visitors


Card Making, Place Mats Making, Scrapbooking,
Letter Writing, Homemade Bird Feeders (Cereal on String)

Productive / Purposeful / Life Skills

Washing the Dishes, Sweeping the Floor, Putting Away Groceries,
Dusting, Helping prepare Meal

Spiritual Enrichment

Daily Reflections, Bible Stories, Hymn Sing-A-Long,
Prayers before Meals

Emotionally Supportive / One-to-One

Life Story Book Work, Reminiscing, Hugs, Holding Hands
Massages (Hand, Foot, Head) Frequent Loving/Positive Interaction

Physical Activity / Exercise

Ball Toss, Outdoor Walks, Dancing, Put-Put Golf, Swinging Scarves

Personal Care

Hair Curled, Make-Up On, Jewelry On,
Faces Washed and Shaved (Men & Women)

Special Events / Outings

Dinner Party, Birthday Party, Farmers Market, Window Shopping at Mall, D.Q. Trip, Bachman’s Trip,
The list goes On and On…

Outdoor Enjoyment

Eating Outdoors, Cooking Outdoors, Bird Watching,
Flower Care Outdoors, Swimming Pool play


Blake School Children Visits, Montessori School Children Visits, Neighborhood Children Visits, Family & Staff Children Visits, Watching Swimming Pool Play