Rising Above It | Life with Dementia

Dementia Action Alliance“We have all found a way to rise above it,” said Brian LeBlanc about living with Dementia during the opening panel of the 2017 Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) North American Conference. The theme of this quote was brought up a lot and reiterated throughout the entire event.

The conference was deeply focused on those living with dementia by using their stories to give an insight of life with it. It was held June 25th – June 27th in Atlanta, GA.

The opening panel session was made up of five baby boomers and younger living with varying forms of dementia who shared their experiences and perspectives on living with Dementia. It was moderated by G. Allen Power, with Robert Bowles, Phyllis Fehr, Paulan Gordon, and Brian LeBlanc.

Jayne Clairmont, our Owner and CEO, had the opportunity to attend and speak at this unique conference. Clairmont said the conference was truly unique as every aspect of the conference was centered on creating the most rich learning and collaborating experience for those living with dementia as well as their care partners.

Dementia Action Alliance “The conference was highly a relationship based experience and gave real life perspectives from those living with dementia that were beneficial to everyone – even for professionals like myself,” said Clairmont.

Clairmont presented on the importance of quality of life and the rich history of English Rose Suites. She presented in collaboration with a newly developed Memory Care environment in Indiana called Jill’s House.

“It was so much fun to share the English Rose Suites 20 year history with the attendees and all that we have learned along the way as well as discussing Jill’s House and their story,” said Clairmont.

“The rich relationships that I have fostered with colleagues from around the country over the past 34 years has allowed and given me such incredible mentoring and now equally is the connectivity to individuals living with dementia. It truly was the most “warm and caring” conference I have attended,” said Clairmont.DAA Con. 2

For more information on the Dementia Action Alliance, visit their website here.