Quality of Life Coordinator

Memory Care Programming

Quality of Life Coordinator, Dementia Care Activities, Memory Care Programming, Katie Rinehimer

A life-changing, personal experience inspired Katie Rinehimer to focus her career on making a difference in the lives of those living with dementia. After her maternal grandmother’s diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s disease over 20 years ago, Katie watched her family struggle – looking for answers to a multitude of questions, attempting to understand the changes that were happening, and trying to anticipate the effect it would have on her grandmother and family. Today she shares her compassion and talents to ensure that the residents of English Rose Suites receive the care they need and deserve. Katie also ensures that the bhome Home Care clients have optimum components for their well-being.

Katie began her career in Hamilton, Montana, while training to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She worked all shifts as a Care Partner in an assisted living environment in Rochester, Minnesota, then became a Med Passer and was promoted to Lead Care Manager.

Katie joined English Rose Suites in 2003, recognizing the value the team places on patience, understanding, compassion and hope. “As a care provider, it’s critical to know how to connect with someone who has memory challenges,” Katie says. “By getting to know each individual resident and their life story, we help them transition through the stages with grace and dignity.”

Katie’s talents allowed her to explore new areas and build innovative skills as Team Mentor and now Quality of Life Coordinator. As the organization’s aromatherapy expert, Katie and the leadership team of English Rose Suites are participating in groundbreaking research at Regions Hospital – HealthPartners with the Alzheimer’s Research Center to study the benefits of aromatherapy as alternative treatments. English Rose Suites has pioneered the use of aromatherapy for the past 14 years, with each resident receiving a customized aromatherapy plan, similar to a medication plan. Katie also guides bhome clients and their care partners with Essential oils and other modalities to support well-being. “The essential oils work wonders and help our residents and clients live a more comfortable life,” she says. Katie has extensive knowledge of the various oils, individual benefits, and how they can improve quality of life.

In addition to aromatherapy, the Memory Care Programming at English Rose Suites is set apart on many levels. Katie structures each resident’s day to be filled with purposeful customized opportunities to his or her interests. She plays close attention to the bhome clients schedule and home to support them.

“Working with our staff to find whatever brings happiness to each resident and client, and then experiencing their moments of joy, is truly humbling and enlightening,” Katie says.

Katie can be reached by phone at 612-590-4061 or by email at krinehimer@englishrosesuites.com.