Memory Care Administrator

Memory Care Administrator Assisted Living MN Tiffany Gomez

Watching her mother work as a nurse instilled in Tiffany Gomez a calling to care for others. This was reinforced when her grandparents experienced memory challenges, and because they passed away when Tiffany was very young, she grew up wanting to learn more about it. These early influences inspired Tiffany to make memory care her life’s work.

At the age of 16, Tiffany had her first taste of caregiving as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). After receiving her LPN degree at the Rochester Community and Technical College, Tiffany started working at English Rose Suites in 2003 as an LPN and Staffing Coordinator. While at English Rose Suites, Tiffany helped to develop and implement continuing education, mentoring staff through the Pathways to Growth and Learning program. She now works as the Administrator, remaining involved in staff development, providing education and support to her colleagues at English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care.

With all of Tiffany’s professional experience, she takes the most pride in making a difference in her residents’ and clients’ lives. “I know I am making a difference when each resident finds joy in their day and I can see them smile and feel safe.”

With equal parts patience and attention to detail, the English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care‘s staff goes to great lengths to listen to and understand residents’ needs, ensuring they are safe, comfortable – and smiling – every day.

Tiffany also emphasizes compassion for all staff members to learn residents’ and clients’ life stories and understand what they have experienced, which is vital for the individualized care English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care provides. “It is our job to put the pieces of the puzzle together and adapt to who our residents and clients have become instead of asking them to meet our needs,” she says. “We adjust and make changes every day in order to meet each one of our residents’ needs.” The care ratio at English Rose Suites is 1:3, which is critical in memory care.

Fortitude, compassion and dedication are just a few of the qualities that set English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care apart. Tiffany says the staff balances the medical and social models with unique programming to ensure quality care. “We create a home for our residents,” she says. “They are involved in the community and participate in social activities when many others with memory challenges cannot.”

Tiffany can be reached by phone at 612-875-8069 or by email at