2015 Heartbeat Gala


Danny, Dr. Graham and Rubby at the 2015 Heartbeat Gala.

This past Saturday, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation held the 2015 Heartbeat Gala at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis. Two of our professional caregivers, Danny and Rubby, attended the gala with the Guest of Honor, Dr. Kevin Graham. It was a very special night to be apart of as Dr. Graham was awarded the 2015 Ray Bentdahl Award. The award recognized Dr.Graham’s achievements for outstanding leadership and exceptional service to the Foundation, furthering its mission of creating a world without heart and vascular disease (MHIF).

Dr. Graham’s new Pathway to Prevention campaign was featured on Saturday as well. Below is a video from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation that features Dr. Graham and the Pathway to Prevention Program.



Rubby and Danny are a very special part of bhome Home Care. Home Care manager Beth Guntzel explains, “both Danny and Rubby have the highest regard for Dr. Graham. They have a special way of gently, realistically pushing him just a little harder to meet his goals. They both have such a great attitude and always put his needs first. They are a joy to work with and such a great team.” Amy Norling, our Registered Nurse adds, “Rubby and Danny have this exceptional work ethic. They are just so committed to him, it’s very apparent how much they truly care for him.”

Congratulations Dr. Graham and thank you to Danny and Rubby for your unsurpassed care.


Danny, Dr. Graham and Rubby at the 2015 Heartbeat Gala.


Jayne Clairmont, Danny and Dr. Graham