23rd Annual Alzheimer’s Association Purple Gala

On Saturday May 9th, we were so honored to be invited to continue our tradition of attending the Alzheimer’s Association’s 23rd Annual Purple Gala! Ten of our Leadership team members slipped into their finest threads and went out to celebrate everyone impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

We had the privilege of hearing Glen Campbell’s wife Kim as the keynote speaker. Glen and Kim’s daughter Ashley performed a wonderful song, “I’ll Do the Remembering” at the gala as well.

Glen Campbell is best known for his country music career, which he followed up with a crossover into films such as True Grit in 1969. Glen went public with his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Glen released one last album and decided to tour before he was unable to anymore. In April of 2013 he announced his retirement stating the progression of his Alzheimer’s disease as the reason. Since, Kim has been out spoken as a spouse and caregiver.

Bone for bone we are the same
Bones get tired and they can’t carry all the weight
We can talk until you can’t even remember my name
Daddy don’t you worry, I’ll do the remembering

-“Remembering” Ashley Campbell

Emily McNamara delivered a wonderful speech about her father and his battle with the disease. Emily is the daughter of Richard “Pinky” McNamara, entrepreneur and of Minnesota Gopher fame, and someone we had the privilege of caring for in our residential homes.

“The one thing my dad couldn’t compete with was Alzheimer’s disease.”

-Emily McNamara

We had a wonderful time representing English Rose Suites and b home Home Care and all of our residents, clients and their loved ones at the gala this year.

So far, this year the Gala’s total money raised reached well over $860,000! *

*All proceeds from the Gala go towards raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research for people in Minnesota and North Dakota (Alzheimer’s Association).


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