A Different Meaning of Tulips

A Different Meaning of Tulips


As more people living with Parkinson’s disease are needing excellent care, the importance of providing our staff with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide the best Person-Centered care for our residents increases. English Rose Suites is proud to be a part of the Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network and integrate the TULIPS Parkinson’s education training into our staff onboarding.


“Being a part of Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network is an excellent source of accountability for us to be at the forefront of memory care,” said Zach Parlier, Employee Relations and Knowledge Coordinator.

The TULIPS acronym was developed by Struthers Parkinson’s Center to emphasize the daily needs of those living with Parkinson’s to create the best well-being for them while bringing awareness to the disease. The tulip is used internationally as a symbol of Parkinson’s awareness. Knowing the meaning of TULIPS can help understand the basic knowledge of Parkinson’s care.

Visit Struthers Parkinson’s Center online here.