A Halloween Bash

English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care had a little Halloween celebration at each of our four homes. All of the pumpkin décor was out, the smell of fall was in the air, and a bowl of candy was out by the door waiting for trick-or-treaters. Just as each home has different residents and different needs, Halloween was celebrated differently in each home – fitting needs of individual residents. At our Indian Hills home, a couple of the residents had Halloween shirts on and one lady even sported a cute pair of fuzzy cat ears!

To get in to the Halloween spirit, the residents sat together at the table to make masks. Everyone had a little foam mask kit that came with foam stickers to decorate their masks. They each had their own way of decorating their mask. Some slowly picked out each individual sticker concentrating on what the perfect piece was and followed the instructions meticulously with each piece. Only a few decided to add their own flare to the mask and added extra stickers. 🙂

The conversations were focused on Halloween, childhood, and favorite candy. I asked if they had a favorite costume they remember wearing. They couldn’t remember a specific costume, but said that they made their own costumes. There wasn’t anything store bought. The ladies talked about making homemade costumes for their kids to go trick-or-treating in.

Following the mask making fun, the residents played Halloween bingo. Each resident had their own bingo card with all the various ghosts, pumpkins, and candy pictures on it. Those who got a bingo won a little prize. To top off the fun filled day, they had Halloween cupcakes for dessert – decorated in orange and black with a pumpkin decorations.

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