A Library Visit

A Library Visit

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Tuning into each Resident’s life story to create outings and activities around their interests is something we take great pride in. Many of our Residents have a passion for reading!

A trip to the Hennepin County Public Library is the perfect way to get out and about after being cooped up in the cold, winter months. It wasn’t just any ordinary visit to the library, it was special.

Special Collections

Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, brought the Residents downtown to the Minneapolis Central Library for a tour of the Special Collections.

It was a brisk morning but Olson helped get the Residents bundled up and hopped in the car to make the 20-minute trek to downtown.

Acs 0049Behind a beautiful wooden arch, from the city’s original library, sits the James K. Hosmer Special Collections.

When Olson booked the tour, they asked specifics about what the group will want to see from the collection, making sure not to waste time once there and making sure there was something special pulled for each Resident based off of their individual interests.

One Resident, a retired biochemist, loves everything birds, bugs, and plants so they gathered many nature-related books and artifacts. The library staff pulled rare and special cookbooks for another resident who enjoys cooking and baking.

In addition to the special books for each Resident, the library staff 

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brought out a few things they thought would be fun for the Residents to view.

Their collection has past menus from old, well-known Minneapolis restaurants. They had those on display. This sparked fun conversation about menu items and the price of menu items from years ago!

The library also has a cool collection of WWII posters, pictures and memorabilia as well as old maps of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

The Residents really enjoyed the WWII items. The propaganda poster they had displayed for them was telling everyone, including women, that they should a get a job during the war. The poster sparked powerful conversation and they reminisced on what life was like back then.

“Looking at the poster, many of the residents spoke up about what is was like during WWII and about rationing and how it affected them,” said Olson.

A Look Back

A couple of the Residents who were on this outing went to high school in Minneapolis. The library has a vast collection of both Minneapolis and Hennepin County school yearbooks from 1890-1988.

The staff was able to locate Resident’s high school yearbook. He grinned from ear to ear when he saw his photo.

This was another wonderful, personalized outing catered to the unique Img 5014individuals who are blessed to call English Rose Suites home.

While this was a bit more of a special trip to the library, Olson does take the Residents to the Edina Public Library to peruse the shelves and walk around on a more frequent basis.

Next on the list? One Resident expressed interest in wanting to go to the Saint Paul Public Library.

“Visiting the Saint Paul Public Library will be an upcoming outing for sure. It’s important to not only hear the Residents’ wishes, but to truly listen to their wants and needs,” said Olson.