Visits with the Blake School Students

Sharing Memories with the Blake School

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful community relationship with the Blake School for over 15 years. Every fall our Quality of Life Coordinator, Katie Rinehimer, goes to the Blake Middle School to speak to groups of students ranging from 6th to 8th grade.  Katie shares information about English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care and how we support those we care for. She teaches the students about memory loss and where our Resident’s are at in their journeys. Katie takes time to answer any and all questions the students have for her regarding Alzheimer’s disease and the other types of dementia’s.

Another wonderful thing about our relationship with the Blake School is that the students continuously come and visit with our Resident’s. The students share their musical talents, make crafts, read stories, among plenty of other activities.

This past week the Blake Middle School students came to spend some time at one of our homes. The students played music and read to the Resident’s. To finish up every one enjoyed cookies and lemonade!

Thank you for your continued partnership Blake! You are a gift!

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  1. Jane

    Wonderful story.
    I must say that I am impressed with your outreach and scope, as well as your spreading information and marketing, which is educational and compassionate.