Bowling Fun!

Bowling Fun! 

The Residents began to show excitement when Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, shared that they were going bowling.

Img 5125 50“Before we left the home, they expressed that they haven’t gone bowling in a very long time and that they couldn’t even recall the last time they went. They were excited,” said Olson.

Some car rides are chattier while other car rides may have less conversation as the Residents peer out the window at the cars and trees passing by. The adventure to Tuttle’s Eat, Bowl, and Play was one of quiet reflections

Tuttle’s is located in Hopkins, which is only a hop, skip and a jump from English Rose Suites.

After arriving to the bowling alley, the Residents headed to the counter to get their bowling shoes. Usually one of the more chaotic parts of bowling with a group of people, finding shoes, went surprisingly smooth. Olson planned ahead making sure to note everyone’s shoe sizes before they arrived. The bowling shoes were even Velcro which made the whole process even easier.

With shoes in hand, everyone headed to the assigned lane. Since there was only five of them, they opted for just one lane, with bumpers of course. The Residents sat down to get their shoes on and Olson entered everyone’s name into the computer scorecard.

The bowling alley was pretty empty, not surprising for a weekday morning. It was nice to be able to almost have the entire place to themselves. 

Img 5131 50

The group of Residents on this outing were more mobile and active so the bowling was a bit more competitive than other times. They were natural bowlers and obviously had bowled in the past. Is bowling proof of muscle memory? Much like when you learn to ride a bike, you don’t completely forget how to do it?

The Residents had a blast and cheered each other on. They were very enthusiastic during their turn. They celebrated each

 time a pin was knocked down.

The best part of the outing?

“Seeing one of the ladies get a strike! She jumped up and down and was ecstatic. Then the other Resident’s gave her big high fives,” said Olson.

Bowling is a wonderful lifelong activity. It’s a fun, physical activity that doesn’t feel like exercise and the added benefit is it also stimulates the brain while involving strategy to develop a plan on how to knock the pins down.

It’s a great activity for all ages!