Cake Wars

Cake Wars

Lots of baking, a friendly competition and delicious cakes? What could be going on at English Rose Suites? Cake Wars!

Img 0138English Rose Suites Cake Wars were brought to life after the idea came after watching The Foot Network one evening. Tiffany Gomez, Administrator, had suggested finding something fun and different for the Caregivers and Residents to do as a meaningful engagement activity to brighten up the usual day to day activities. Sometimes thinking outside the box and being creative provides joy for both Residents and Caregivers.

“Many of the Caregivers were already baking cakes in our homes that they work in and already sending photos to each other, it just seemed like a natural and sure fire way to encourage them even more to involve the Residents in a fun activity,” said Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Director.

This fun competition was truly about getting the Residents and Caregivers together to create and engage with each other in a very unique way. At the beginning of the competition, each home was given instructions on the process and what was expected of them. The first and most important rule was that Residents must be involved in the entire process from start to finish with picking the cake, baking the cake and decorating the cake.

The Rules

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To start, each home selected the cake they wanted to re-create. Rinehimer had a printed off a book of ideas with many types of cakes to make as well as the Staff and Residents could find inspiration in other places such as cook books or online places like Pinterest.

Once each home had selected their desired cake, the Staff had to create a plan and list of ingredients needed so that the supplies for the cakes could be purchased and delivered to each home.

Let the competition begin! The teams had a couple days to decide when to bake their cake but had to be baked and decorated by the deadline.

After each home had finished their cake, it was time for judging! Members of the leadership team judged each cake by its appearance and originality with each section worth ten points.Img 8839

Cake Wars Champions

When choosing the cake to make, the Caregivers had wonderful ideas and really explored what would truly be the best way for the Residents in their homes to help.

The winning house received a big bag filled with fun activity items for the Caregivers to do with the Residents. The Caregivers of the winning house also received Dairy Queen gift cards for their hard work.

“It was very close when it came down to counting the votes! Each house did a wonderful job both at creating the cakes, but also making sure the Residents were involved during the entire process,” said Rinehimer.

The first ever Cake Wars Champions of English Rose Suites went to the Interlachen home. Their team of Caregivers and Residents created a “cupcake cake” with cupcakes, each representing a different Resident. It was a beautifully executed idea that truly brought to life the whole meaning and idea behind this competition. Congratulations Interlachen!

It is so important to have fun doing what you do and to think outside the box and enjoy a little healthy competition. BothCaregivers and Residents alike, truly enjoyed getting involved in this friendly baking competition. Besides who doesn’t love a delicious reward after lots of hard work!

Do you have a “go to” cake recipe? Let us know in the comments below.

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