Celebrating Baby!

There are so many moments in life that bring joy and happiness to our lives. Moments like celebrating a new marriage, graduation or birth of a child. But joyous moments can also be the little details in life that don’t receive as much credit such as baking a pie or picking out a special gift for someone.

At English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care, we prioritize celebrating the joyous moments in life. This extends to all areas involved with us, our Residents, Clients, staff, friends, etc. Recently, many of our staff, Residents and Leadership team members gathered to celebrate our caregiver Esther’s upcoming new arrival. And there were plenty of joyous moments surrounding this baby shower! Irene, one of our Residents, found joy accompanying Katie Rinehimer, our Quality of Life Coordinator, to pick out the cupcakes and decorate for the party. Everyone had a lovely time at Esther’s baby shower and we look forward to our latest English Rose Suites and b♦home addition.

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