Celebrating Valentine’s Day | Gift Ideas

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may wonder how to celebrate your loved one.

While holidays may need to be adjusted when your loved has dementia, it doesn’t mean holidays have to be forgotten about or not celebrate. If anything, it should be even more of a reason to celebrate all the little things!

A Few Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

A Card

Did you know that one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent worldwide? Take a few minutes and write a card. Depending on where your loved one is on their journey should determine how you approach a card. A simpler card is great for someone further along in their journey or even a card that can record a short personalized message that they can play back is perfect. If they are early on in their journey, a more meaningful written message is a nice gift.

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If your loved one has a sweet tooth and still enjoys treats, a box of chocolate is an excellent option. Even better, try dried fruit or nuts covered in dark chocolate for a bit more of a nutritional benefit.

Flowers or Valentine’s Teddy Bear

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Flowers For Valentines DayChoose a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Flowers or a teddy bear can both still be great options. A bright arrangement of flowers is a wonderful way to brighten up someone’s day especially during the otherwise cold and gloomy winter days. A soft, cuddly Teddy Bear could be a great option for someone that may benefit from that tactile approach. It can be a tangible reminder that gives them a sense of comfort and increased happiness.


If your loved one is mobile and able to go out for dinner, take them for an early dinner or lunch. You don’t have to take them on Valentine’s day for this to be a special gift. They may enjoy getting out and having a meal at a nice restaurant. Plan your outing accordingly to not overwhelm them and plan around their daily schedule. This is a great opportunity to connect with your loved one in a personal way. You can also stay at home and make their favorite meal in the comfort of their own home. It’s just as meaningful, if not more, that you spent the time with them and made their favorite meal.

Gift of Time

Red Alarm Clock In A Cream Box With Lilac Ribbon

No matter where your loved one is at on their journey, there is no doubt that the gift of time will be the MOST valued gift you can give. Everyone has the need for deeper connection and sometimes just being together will truly be that perfect gift. Spending quality time is often more important than any tangible object.

Creating a connection with your loved one no matter how you do it or what gift you give, is truly loving from the heart. Holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, are surrounded by many “I love you”s. Three words can have little meaning if there is no action behind it. Spending quality time is a priceless gift that has more meaning than you may realize.  

Wishing you a Happy and Loving Valentine’s day!