Congratulations Alex!

Ever since the day Alex was born, he has been around our English Rose Suites homes and Residents with his mom, Tiffany Gomez. Every year Alex joins our team on the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and many other events. Alex understands dementia and wants to help find a cure, and it was his goal to raise awareness at the science fair of what it’s like to age and have dementia.

Science Fair

Yesterday Alex took home an Honorable Mention for his EXCELLENT experiment that he presented at the 5th grade science fair. Alex’s project was an interactive experiment showing people the physical effects of normal aging versus aging with dementia. The judges were given tinted goggles with black spots, cotton balls for their ears, and popcorn in their shoes to impact their senses and make them experience what it might feel like to be an elder. Alex then spoke in different tones, speeds, etc. asking the judges questions and telling them to do certain tasks. Alex explained to the judges different communication techniques and approaches to use with people living with dementia.

Congratulations Alex! Your English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care family are very proud of you!

Congratulations Alex!

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