A Deeper Understanding – Mill City Commons

Mill City Commons is part of The Village to Village Network, a national organization that collaborates to maximize the growth, impact and sustainability of individual Villages and the Village Movement.

The “village” concept originated in Boston, Massachusetts over 15 years ago. Its members, aged 52 to 98, had arranged available support services needed to stay in their own homes as an alternative to a continuing care retirement community in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, MA.

Not all Villages are urban and offer the same benefits. Each Village is unique to the area and the needs of its members.

Today, there are over 300 Villages throughout the United States and worldwide; Mill City Commons being one located in the River District.mill city commons

“We’re a community of older adults who live in the river district whose purpose is to build community through an array of programs that connect us with each other and the resources needed to maintain and support vibrant lives as we age,” said Joan Wright, Executive Director of Mill City Commons.

“In its core, we build community and support as an alternative to assisted living,” added Wright.

Mill City Commons has 215 members with most, but not all, members being retired and living within the River District area. While it isn’t required to live within the area, it does make it more convenient and the benefits more appealing. Most programming and events take place in members’ homes, community rooms, and partnered businesses in the area.

A Deeper Understanding about Dementia

Next month, Jayne Clairmont, Owner and CEO of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care, will be speaking at a special program at Mill City Commons on communicating with those experiencing and coping with memory loss and letting others know about our personal journeys with cognitive issues.

“Statistically, many of us likely will experience memory loss with a loved one, dear friend or even personally. Join us for this special program that will focus on how to communicate with those experiencing and coping with memory loss, as well as how to let others know about our own personal journey with cognitive issues. exert of program description

DAA Con. 3
Jayne Clairmont and Bill Keane at the 2017 Dementia Action Alliance Conference in Atlanta in June.

“The program will be presented conversationally to encourage member participation in discussions while listening and learning  from those in attendance as well. That is the beauty of conversation,” said Clairmont.

Clairmont has invited friend and colleague Bill Keane, aging consultant, former executive director of 300+ resident retirement community campus, and former caregiver are just a few of his credentials, to join in on the conversation.  Keane was a family caregiver for his parents and other elderly relatives for over 10 years.  His mother and aunt lived for many years with Alzheimer’s disease.  He also has provided testimonies to numerous government committees and panels regarding aging and long-term care issues on both state and federal levels.

This vast amount of knowledge and experience from both Clairmont and Keane, is sure to provide in-depth discussions and a plethora of learning opportunities you will not want to miss.

While most events at Mill City Commons are for members only, if there are events or programs that interest you, such as this special program “A Deeper Understanding about Dementia,” contact Joan Wright @ joanwright@millcitycommons.org for registration.