Gift Ideas for Someone Living with Dementia

5 Gift Ideas for Someone Living with Dementia

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Holidays are a wonderful time, but sometimes can be overwhelming and stressful. From planning holiday gatherings, preparing your house for visitors, planning meals, to gift buying. We are all familiar with the amount of effort that goes into these special days. Picking out gifts for a loved one can often be the biggest struggle. How do you know what to buy for someone with Dementia? Hopefully we can help relieve some of that stress by giving you some helpful tips!

So what are some examples of the perfect gift?

1) Digital Clock

Used as one of many comforting orientation cues in digital form may provide another level of independence.

2) CD Player, iPod, Wireless Headsets

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Music provides the “light” for individuals living with dementia. We see this everyday at English Rose Suites. Music and Memory are so powerful. Purchase music of their favorite musicians from their childhood or young adult years and observe their reaction. What a gift!

3) Clothing

Often times, older adults tend to have poor circulation and get cold easier. Fussy socks with grippers on the bottom, a comfy robe or warm flannel pajamas may be ideal. A structured set of slippers as well as new foot protection, including comfortable indoor shoes help with stability and balance. Always a very needed gift anytime of the year!

4) Sensory stimulation gifts

Dependent on where your loved one is on their journey of “current care need” with dementia will determine the significance of sensory stimulation gifts. Talk with your (season dementia caregivers) for their recommendation of what truly will make that important and deep connection. A great gift for anyone is a heated, scented bean/rice bag for neck or other areas needing attention.

5) Family Photo Album

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Make a photo album of photos you have researched that truly make a connection. Sometimes labeling photos is the right approach at the right time. This also helps professional caregivers in building memories with you loved family members. Also, if the environment where your loved one lives encourages privity, hanging a collage of photos in a common space for creating this connection pursue that approach.

We all feel the need for deeper connection and sometimes “doing with” someone will truly be the right 

approach for sharing gifts of time. If your loved one savored time in the kitchen, baking a favorite holiday treat, then that’s the approach; if needed with modification.

If your parent loved to golf but it has become a more difficult task, how about a ride on the entire golf course looking at the foliage? Keeping in mind this idea is connected to what part of the country you are living in or can be a great spring or summer time activity too!

Finding that meaningful and loving gift is created with so many opportunities to just BE TOGETHER!