Providing Our Best Care During This Time of Distance

Providing our Best Care During This Time of Distance

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English Rose Suites was featured in the documentary “Revolutionizing Dementia Care” along with seven other care environments from across the United States. The documentary was produced by American Public Television and aired on PBS channels nationwide. The film beautifully illustrates how people living with dementia can live full and meaningful lives focused on abilities and person-centered practices. While it shares the personal experiences of many individuals living with dementia. It truly highlights how Person-Centered approaches are vital for the well-being of individuals living with dementia.

“We now look at Revolutionizing Dementia Care and ask the question: how we will touch our residents, our staff, as well as their families. How can we provide that same quality of care in this different world?” said Jayne Clairmont, Owner and CEO of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care.

We challenge ourselves to follow the principles set forth by the care environments featured in the documentary in the new and unusual world we find ourselves in today. While it may not be in person and face-to-face, we continue to find ways to keep our Residents and their loved ones connected. 

Being innovative in finding ways to connect. Being creative in how we engage our Residents and Families. We must be kind and respectful of how tough our Employees jobs are. We must show compassion and empathy for the families who can’t visit their loved ones face-to-face right now. 

Connection is truly a gift of life that we, as humans, thrive on. The principles of Person-Centered Care give our Residents that bond and relationship they need and desire. 

An English Rose Suites Mindset

Since the documentary first aired, English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care has incorporated the film into employee onboarding. Every caregiver that joins our team watches the documentary as part of their dementia training. 

Photo May 29 7 19 26 Pm 50“To talk, at length, within our 14-15 hours of dementia education about “Person-Centered Care,” and then be able to take in “Revolutionizing Dementia Care,” our Caregivers enter the hands-on learning phase of their knowledge build excited and eager to contribute. Eager to get to know our Residents and build Relationships that they will cherish. Eager to make the difference. Eager to BE the difference,” said Zach Parlier, Employee Relations and Knowledge Coordinator. 

A common theme within the dialogue at the conclusion of the documentary surrounds how this philosophy of care reaches well beyond memory care and is pertinent to much more, igniting in our Caregivers a desire to carry this knowledge with them.

Discussion Panel Event

We highlight the one year anniversary of our documentary event, which included a viewing of the documentary as well as an informative discussion panel. The educational panel included Bret Haake, MD, clinical neurologist with HealthPartners and Chief Medical Officer at Regions Hospital, Karen Love, Executive Director of the Dementia Action Alliance in Washington, D.C., Chris Johnson, MD, primary medical doctor for English Rose Suites and chief MD of Consultative Health and Medicine, Kirsten Voss, daughter of an English Rose Suites resident and Jayne Clairmont, owner and CEO of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care. 

If you missed the documentary or discussion panel, both are available for viewing below.