Donna Clairmont, Our Master Seamstress

Donna Clairmont, mother to Jayne Clairmont, owner of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care, has stopped counting how many neck napkins (clothing protectors) she has sewn over the years for English Rose Suites residents as well as b♦home Home Care clients. The number has to be somewhere in the thousands by now!

Donna takes such Neck Napkinspride in cutting out the flannel material, doubling the weight of the neck napkin (clothing protector) for quality as well as sewing each neck napkin with tremendous care. The seamstress then adorns the neck napkins with ‘some pretty diddy, rickrack, or personalizing the neck napkin with a residents name if requested.’ She likes sewing with fabric that is customizable to the male Residents and Clients as well as to the female Residents and Clients, whose fabric may have a more feminine flair. You can see in the photo on the left that Donna’s son, Michael, who lives in California, loves modeling for his mother!

Donna sews all of these neck napkins (clothing protectors) on a nearly 63 year old sewing machine that she has used to sew diapers for her first born son Dean, who was born in 1954. Donna’s daughter Jayne has tried multiple times over the last 17+ years to purchase her mother a newer sewing machine, but Donna is quick to say how much she ‘enjoys sewing on her Singer and the memories that tag along with it.’

English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care is so fortunate to have our beautiful neck napkins (clothing protectors) and we want to say THANK YOU to Donna Clairmont for a JOB VERY WELL DONE!

3 Responses
  1. Diane W. Scheremet

    Hello to Donna from MarjorieLee’s daughter, Diane. So good to see your beautiful face and hearing about your contributions to ERS. xoo

  2. Marjorie - Lee Hane

    Jayne and Cathy, I just love and miss seeing your Mom! Give her a hug from me. The neck napkins are wonderful and so personal.