Easter Celebrations 

Easter Celebrations 

Calli S 50The Residents at English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care have been busy with many fun spring crafts.

As traditions run strong, dying Easter eggs is a favorite for all ages. The Residents started their Easter celebration early in the week with an Easter egg dying activity. Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, organized the activity for each of the homes using a homemade dye recipe of food coloring, vinegar, and water – all of which is always on hand.

The Residents participated in the entire process of egg dying. They started with helping to boiling the eggs beforehand and then let them cool for the afternoon before the fun began.

“We really wanted to make sure every Residents could be involved in this activity. We set each Resident up with their own few eggs and cups of dye to encourage them all to join in on the fun,” said Olson.

The Residents were able to put their eggs in their own cups of dye and watch them turn from the pale eggshell into the bright, familiar spring colors of Easter.

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The Residents had fun participating in this activity that brought back many memories of their childhood.

“A lot of the Residents talks about their childhood or remembered dying Easter eggs with their children. It was a brought back a lot of memories for them. It was kind of nostalgic for them,” said Olson.

Most of the Residents get really excited for arts and crafts and enjoy being creative.

For Easter Sunday, the Residents, who celebrate, started the morning off by watching the televised Easter Services. They were happy to still be able to connect to their faith on a holiday. The hot topic of conversation in some of the homes was how this was the first time that churches had not held live services in the church.

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Each of the homes celebrated with an Easter egg hunt for the Residents. The Caregivers put up fun signs and then hid the eggs throughout the home. Once the egg hunt was ready, the Caregivers took the Residents throughout the homes, one at a time to look for eggs. At the end after all of the Residents had a chance to find their eggs, they cracked them open to enjoy the fun treats inside.

For the Easter, the Residents enjoyed a bright, “spring themed” table full of beautiful flowers that families had sent. They enjoyed the traditional brown sugar pineapple ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, fruit salad, and Hawaiian buns. For dessert they had delicious coconut cupcakes.

Despite the circumstances, the Residents had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed being with each other and the Staff.