Essential Oil – Peace & Calming

katie_ledent_thumbIt Is All in the Title! Peace & Calming
By Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Coordinator

English Rose Suites’ History with Aromatherapy
For many years, psychotropic medications have been used in many care environments as a means of controlling the “behavioral” challenges people living in the throws of memory loss exhibit. These “behavioral” challenges can arise when people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are dealing with a brain that is having a difficult time deciphering the world around them. For Jayne Clairmont, owner of English Rose Suites, this has never been the case, because she sees the person and not the disease. She is adamant that there needs to be other ways to help those living with memory loss continue to have a voice and not be forced into a medical profile of psychotropic medications, purely because of communication barriers.

This is where the worlds of holistic care utilizing essential oils and memory care environments meet. Traci Lebens with Young Living generously gave Jayne a great deal of insight and guidance into the purpose and use of essential oils. Traci’s extensive knowledge and thoughtfulness guided the selection of essential oils now used in the English Rose Suites’ care environments. Together, Jayne and Traci introduced the oils to the staff and instructed them on the proper application. Although they were initially successful, Jayne knew they could be doing even more with essential oils. Then, in 2003, I joined the English Rose Suites team as Quality of Life Coordinator and Jayne handed the reigns of the Essential Oil Program over to me. From that humble start, with the integral help of the nursing staff, administrators, CNA’s and HHA’s, today the Essential Oil Program at English Rose Suites is the best in the country.

Peace & Calming’s Properties and Applications

peace and calmingThis oil really does exactly what it is called. It helps you to feel a sense of Peaceful Calm. It works well for those that teeter a little more on the anxious/nervous side of life. It helps your body find its calming center and to keep it there. Now, if we could give a bottle of this oil to everyone in the world, imagine what a difference it would make!

Because Peace & Calming is a blend of many different oils, here is a list of what goes in a bottle to make it do what it does:

• Tangerine is a calming essential oil that helps with occasional nervous irritability.
• Ylang Ylang is extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation.
• Blue tansy induces relaxation and promotes a feeling of comfort.
• Orange has a great fruity scent that lifts the spirits while providing a calming influence on the body.
• Patchouli helps release negative emotion.

To use Peace & Calming you can diffuse it into the air, rub it into the bottom of your feet or put it into a foot soak and let your body just relax while breathing in the wonderful scent of Peace & Calming.