Flowers Galore | Planting at English Rose Suites

It has been a busy week outside at English Rose Suites. We have been planting flowers galore at each home. The Planting 2018-24editflowers were ordered months ago and finally delivered last week.

It’s a team effort and that is how we like it! Everyone has an opportunity to help! It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Everyone from office staff, maintenance staff, our Owner Jayne Clairmont, and even her sister Cathy came to town to help.

The residents who can help, had such a great time planting. Giving residents a sense of purpose is so important to well-being. Engaging those who can’t physically help is equally as important. They love to help choose what goes where or even just bring the flowers to them for them to smell! Making them feel their purpose and important is key.

We finished our planting today, just in time to be outside and for our residents to be able to enjoy all of our hard work this weekend!

We wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.