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Clean Hands Edina

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Thanks to a project engineer with a bright idea, English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care received a plentiful supply of hand sanitizers for our homes and Staff.

Charlie Gerk, a Project Engineer with the City of Edina, came up with this idea after reading how distilleries started producing sanitizers and talking with two friends who know the liquor and bottling industry. As someone with a compromised immune system, he knew there was an extreme need for hand sanitizer, especially those at risk or in need.

According to Edition Edina, Gerk said, “Edina is home to a lot of residents who are at risk because of their age. We have people to handle the labor right now,” he said. “So, one night I put pen to paper and figured out what it would cost.”

He realized he could help those in need most. After talking with coworkers and team members at the City of Edina, they came up with a plan to tackle this vision.

After finally sourcing the ethanol-based sanitizer from South Carolina, the next challenge was finding bottles. Gerk was initially looking to produce 8,000 bottles of hand sanitizer for Edina. Unfortunately, it was a challenge to find a supply of bottles in a large quantity. With luck, Gerk found a listing on eBay of 4,950 that had miss-spelled the word “bottle” in the title at a lower price. He was also able to find a supply of 6,000 spray tops as well.

With the supplies in hand, the next step was creating labels for the bottles, so Gerk worked with the City of Edina Communications team to create a label, and a local print shop printed them right away, with such short notice.

Img 5737 50The last step in before the hand sanitizers were ready to be distributed across Edina, the bottles needed to be filled. Though filling 5,000 4-ounce bottles is a big task, Gerk called up a friend who works in the paint industry. He was able to help supply paint filling machines to fill the sanitizer bottles.

Within a few short days, and with help from city workers from all departments, nearly 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer were ready to be donated to those in need across the city.

When we learned of the Sanitizer donation from the City of Edina, we were so honored and so appreciative during this time that we continue to be diligent to keep our Residents and Staff Safe with appropriate supplies,” said Jayne Clairmont, Owner and CEO of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care.