Lavender Where? And Other Essential Oils

English Rose Suites Lavender essential oil is known to help calm and relax you. English Rose Suites uses lavender on a daily basis in all of our homes. Whether it’s diffused or incorporated into hand massages, essential oils can be integrated into daily life no matter how young or old. They can benefit in one way or another. Jayne Clairmont, Owner and CEO, presented at the Edina Senior Center last week about essential oils and how to incorporate them into daily life to create well-being.

The class was eager to learn and fully engaged from the get go. It always makes for a better time when participants ask questions and feed off of each other.

To start her presentation, Clairmont asked the class how many of them are familiar with essential oils or have used them in the past.

About six of the 25 in attendance raised their hands, some volunteering to share what they know about them or how they have used them in the past.

One lady talked about how she uses Oregano Oil to help kill viruses in her nose and allergies. She also said she has used the Oregano Oil to make an insect repellent, particularly for ticks.

Another participant said, “I’ve seen them used with kids who have experienced major traumas as well as the social workers who work with those kids. Orange Oil was used a lot as it’s an uplifting oil and it really helped both the kids and social workers.”

Lavender Oil is a fragrant healer with a fresh, sweet, floral aroma. It can help with insomnia, cleanse minor cuts and bruises, and can help body adapt to stress among other benefits.Essential Oil

“When you really think about lavender, lavender is a calming oil. Lavender is an incredible oil,” said Clairmont.

Lavender in terms of a calming and comforting oil is the way to go.

Lemon essential oil promotes clarity of thought and purpose and has a fragrance that is invigorating, enhancing, and warming. Lemon aides in digestion, as well as increasing appetite sensations.


“Does a diffuser work for one room or how many diffusers do I need for my house?” said one attendee.

Clairmont answered, “What is important to think about is that a diffuser can omit up to about 1,000 feet depending on the diffuser, but it omits by you moving it. There must be activity in the home or people walking around to move it. We have them in bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, etc.

Essential Oil DiffuserAnother attendee asked what you would diffuse and where you would put the diffuser if someone gets the winter blues.

If someone is feeling down in the winter and you want to diffuse lavender it’s best to put it in the family room or wherever they are spending most of their time and keep the diffuser going.

She stressed that you don’t have to diffuse all day to get the benefit. You can diffuse for a half hour to an hour and then turn it off. Then repeat. It doesn’t have to be going all the time.

“That really is the beauty of good, quality oils. You really don’t have to have it going all day long to get the benefit of essential oils,” said Clairmont.

Clairmont told a story about how she got an email from some friends asking if they could borrow her diffusers for a couple from California who came to visit for their son’s wedding. The mother had huge anxiety before the wedding. Clairmont said she got a call a few days after they picked it up and the mother said, “Oh my gosh, Jayne I have been sleeping so much better!”

She explained how diffusing isn’t the only way to get the benefits from essential oils. Using them can even be as simple as taking a cotton ball and putting a few drops of the oil on it and carrying it with you.

“For instance, if you are anticipating anxiety or apprehension about something such as going to the dentist to have teeth pulled, you could put a few drops of lavender on it and bring it with you. It will ease the anxiety and help calm you. We had a resident who was going to the dentist one morning so we started the diffuser at 4:00am and had it diffusing until she left. Her experience at the dentist was so much better,” said Clairmont.

There are so many personal stories about how lavender has worked for them that could be a whole blog in itself. One attendee mentioned she knew someone with an autistic son. They use lavender with him and it helps him tremendously.

“If I put a few drops of lavender on my pillow, will that help me sleep at night?” asked one participant.

Without any hesitation, Clairmont answered, “Oh absolutely, without a doubt!”

Putting a few drops of lavender on your pillow works great or depending on how you sleep, putting a few drops on your wrist or behind your earlobe can be beneficial too.

Direct Application

“Now I am going to blow you away with what I am about to say next,” said Clairmont to the class of about 25. “Lavender in your belly button is incredible!”

She paused, looking around at the room, and said, “I would love to have you all see how everyone is looking at me right now. Doesn’t it sound crazy,” she said with a laugh.

At first it can sound like the most outrageous thing – lavender in a belly button, but when you think about the way we were given life and where the umbilical cord is attached, it makes sense.

“So you poor it into your belly button straight out of the bottle?” said a perplexed participant still unsure about the idea of putting lavender into a belly button.

“Yes straight out of the bottle, you just need 2 to 3 drops,” said Clairmont.

It will help you sleep so much better.

The uses of lavender doesn’t stop at helping with sleep or anxiety, it can even be used on your skin if you have small cuts and scrapes.

If you have a cut on your skin, putting lavender on it will help it heal. You want to make sure that it’s not going on a giant open wound, but a smaller cut it can really help.

“I have used is so many times myself, just on something small and open. I put a few drops of lavender on it and it helps immensely!” said Clairmont.

The presentation ended with one lucky participant who won a little essential oil box! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves hearing Clairmont’s knowledge and many stories. The uses and benefits of essential oils are infinite. I dare you to try them – you will not regret it!Essential Oils

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