Meet Ben, Our Maintenance Superintendent!


Introduction – Please share your journey to and with ERS & bhome Home Care.
I started in February of 2009 as the Maintenance Superintendent. I was originally English Rose Suites’ contract painter for four years prior to that.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I am a doer. I like to lead by example, if something needs to get done, I am right there helping out with the issue.

What are some of your hobbies?
I hunt and fish and play with my dogs. Also woodworking and anything that needs fixing. I enjoy relaxing with my wife and hanging out with friends.

What do you think makes us so different from other companies?
I think the small scale of the company benefits us because if any problem arises it can be swiftly corrected. Also being a smaller company we are all like family.

What brings you the greatest joy from your work?
The Residents. Just seeing them happy and content in their surroundings that I take care of.

What do you see the world (or would you like to see) of health care in relation to memory issues in 10 years?
I would like to see our type of model implemented into the larger environments. To know that every single person is being cared for in a dignified way in all environments.

What is your favorite memory of caring for Client/Resident?
One Resident will always say to me “you’re a good man, and thanks for taking care of me.”

What advice would you give someone just starting out in this field?
Don’t always expect the day to go perfectly but enjoy the day that comes to you and try your best.