Meet Carol, Our Director of Business Services!


Introduction – Please share your journey to and with ERS & b♦home Home Care.
I first met Jayne Clairmont when I was a Home Health Aide at Kensington Cottages. I was awestruck by her passion in caring for those living with Alzheimer’s Disease. I also had the pleasure of working with Vicki Martini at Sunrise Cottages of Rochester where we were the Marketing team. Vicki and I made a great team. When Vicki became the Administrator of English Rose Suites in 2002, she offered me the position of Office Manager so our teamwork could continue. We’re both still here – working together!

How would you describe your leadership style?
My leadership style changes as situations evolve but is a combination of mentorship, team harmony and democracy. I strive to be clear with instructions and answer questions for clarification, recognizing the question can be a learning opportunity or chance to look at an issue from a different perspective. I have so much respect for the abilities and people I work with. We all learn from each other and complete each other. I believe it’s important to be a good example.

What are some of your hobbies?
My husband and I own rental properties. We love to renovate and watch home renovation shows. We also enjoy car shows, classic car auctions, coin collecting, flower gardening, and travel.

What do you think makes us so different from other companies?
English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care pays attention to the details. We train our staff more diligently which allows us to provide better service to our clients and residents. Our goal is to bring happiness, comfort and peace to our Clients and Residents every day and to let our staff know how much we appreciate their huge part in that outcome.

What brings you the greatest joy from your work?
Being part of a leadership team that loves each other like family.

What is your favorite memory of caring for Client/Resident?
I have many but the one that stands out in my mind is a man who I will call Vic. As I was going to assist him to the bathroom (he needed help getting his pants down), I walked into the room ahead of him and bent over to pick up a piece of paper on the floor. As I did so he sharply swatted my backside. I quickly stood up and said “Vic! What did you do?” He had this little smirk playing on the corners of his mouth as he was holding his arm close to his chest, acting as though he was trembling and said “I can’t help that – I have this condition.” I replied laughingly, “well, we’ll have to take you the doctor to get that taken care of!’ He said “But I don’t want to be cured!” Another time, after bath time while trimming Vic’s toenails, he said, “You know I’ve been thinking we should get married. You can cook and clean and fix my feet and I can shovel the snow.” I told him “That’s a great idea. Let’s start planning it tomorrow morning.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?
Love your Residents and Clients. Give hugs frequently. Laugh often.

Do you have a personal story to share about someone who has impacted the way you do your job?
Many people have influenced and inspired me over the years – my parents most of all, but also my siblings, friends, authors, speakers …. I continue to be inspired by each person on our team. You can learn something from every person you meet.

What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?
I love to spend time with my grandsons! Watching them grow up, listening to them is so exciting !

What do you see for the future of English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care?
English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care have a bright future with tremendous growth opportunity. Our company has always been considered a leader in dementia care. As people become more aware of our ability to give their loved ones a meaningful, enjoyable, purposeful, safe life while living with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, we will continue to grow.