Meet Tiffany, Our Administrator!

Everyone on our Leadership team has their own story about how and why they came to be at English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care and what aspects and memories about their job brings them the greatest joy. We asked the members of our Leadership team different questions about their lives, their jobs and what they hope for the future in the world of dementia and the people we care so dearly about.  This week, we wanted to share what Tiffany Gomez, our Administrator, had to say.


Can you please tell us a little bit about your journey with ERS & bhome?

T |   I began my journey with English Rose Suites in 2003. I have enjoyed working in many roles throughout the company including direct care, nursing and operations. I feel so blessed in assisting with the creation of b♦home Home Care. I have assisted in establishing a wonderful opportunity to serve others in their home while providing unsurpassed care.

How would you describe your leadership style?

T |   My leadership style is participative. I believe firmly in allowing others to participate by sharing ideas, feelings and communicating suggestions and concerns. My door is always open. At the end of the day, a decision needs to be made but I feel assured that it is a well informed decision.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

T |   I try to make the most out of each day enjoying time with my family. We enjoy the outdoors, sports games, traveling to see relatives and our dog. My son is in 5th grade and my daughter is in 1st grade. Flower planting, cooking and music are also favorites.

What do you think makes us so different from other companies?

T |   I feel blessed to be a part of a small company. Your voice is heard and you avoid a large corporate atmosphere. Change is always occurring and our owner is hands on. Each employee, no matter what role you hold, matters!

What brings you the greatest joy from your work?

T |   There are many things in my job that bring me joy and happiness. The greatest gift I receive is knowing I have done my all to ensure the day is the best it can be. It’s a new day every day; what was joyful the day before is now different today. Sharing in the memories of our residents and their life stories brings me closer to them. Celebrating a co-workers engagement, the birth of a child or graduation of their first born is so meaningful to me. Supporting one of our employees during the time of a great loss or just lending an ear for them to be able to talk to helps me feel like the day had meaning. I try to look at the positives and find what is the gratitude in each day.

Where do you see the world of health care in relation to memory issues in 10 years?

T |   In ten years I hope that efforts continue in the field of research and we will be on the brink of having a cure for Alzheimer’s. Dementia is an unforgiving disease and ways to eliminate this from happening or having a cure would be remarkable.

What is your favorite memory of caring for client/resident?

T |   My memories are filled with many emotions when it comes to those I have served over the years. Each resident I have had the opportunity to care for holds a special place in my heart. The best memories are the ones made by helping others feel safe, loved and seeing the smiles come through. It’s the simple things that matter the most in this journey through dementia.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

T |   If you choose to take a career path that involved caring for those who have dementia/memory loss, my best advice is to be patient. Learn as much as you can about the disease. Understand the disease is not the person. Know who you are caring for from their past. Be patient and know they are scared and confused and they need to feel safe. They are communicating to you how they feel and it’s your job to figure it out…be the detective and the guide. Every day will be different and you need to change to meet your residents wherever they are at.

Tiffany is an exceptional member of our team. She is always so supportive of everyone around her; Leadership, staff or our Client’s and Resident’s and their families. We all feel so grateful for everything she does! Feel free to say hi to Tiff here!

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