Minneapolis Institute of Art Visit

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Minneapolis Institute of Art Visit

Kimonos, Jade rocks, and statues don’t often belong in the same sentence, but at a museum they do!

A few Residents recently went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, and Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Director, took two cars full of Residents to gaze at beautiful artwork and walk through the museum.

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The Residents always look forward going on outings and a trip to a museum is perfect when getting “out and about” during the winter months.

“The Residents are always very excited to go and don’t usually need much convincing. As soon as I tell them we need to get our coats on, they get excited and ask many questions about where we are going and what we are going to see,” said Olson.

On this visit the group was able to meander the museum on their own. The Residents led the way, stopping at whatever interested them. They took turns having each person pick out what to stop and see. Once in the rooms, many of the Residents would pause to read the small description cards for each piece of art. They also commented on each piece of art, some being more critical than the others. One Resident in particular is an artist herself. She gave everyone an artist’s critique of each masterpiece.

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“They truly enjoyed the freedom of being able to go through the museum. This sense of freedom provides our Residents with a feeling of normalcy and control that is so important forwell-being,” said Olson.

The museum had sections with art from around the world. They made their way through Asian art and most of the Africa exhibit, before it was time to leave. Some favorites amongst them were the collection of Asian kimonos and a large, 640 pounds to be exact, jade carving. The mountain carving is the largest jade carving outside of China and is part of the “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty.” The Residents also enjoyed viewing the sculptures and statues.

Img 5050 50The Residents had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to visiting again in March. For this upcoming visit, they will be participating in a “Discover Your Story” tour. These tours are designed, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, for small groups of visitors with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias, and their friends/care partners. These special guided tours encourage participants to discover themselves and one another through conversation about art and their life stories. For more information on the “Discover Your Story” tours click here.