Montessori Fun

Montessori Fun

An integral part of English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care is embracing the special uniqueness and one-of-a-kind individuality of each Resident. We developed our daily, meaningful engagement calendar to be focused on our Residents.

The meaningful engagement calendar includes Hallmarks, which are essential to a person’s well -being. Meaningful engagement met with exceptional daily personal care are the Hallmarks of English Rose Suites.

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  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Socialization
  • Creative
  • Productive / Purposeful / Life Skills
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Emotionally Supportive / One-to-One
  • Physical Activity / Exercise
  • Daily Personal Care
  • Special Events / Outings
  • Outdoor Enjoyment
  • Intergenerational

One of our Hallmarks is to encourage intergenerational relationships. To promote intergenerational relationships, our meaningful engagement calendar includes weekly visits to the Montessori school.

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Intergenerational relationships are mutually beneficial. They provide wonderful opportunity for both young and old to learn from each other. They can give older adults a new sense of purpose and the ability to foster new relationships. If a Resident enjoys reading to the children, the weekly visits gives them something to look forward to each week. It can help keep them active and stimulate the mind in different social settings.

According to a study from the “Journal of Intergenerational Relationships,” intergenerational relationships create more positive attitudes and empathy towards older adults and increased knowledge about dementia among younger generations.

Bright and early each Thursday we take our Residents to visit the children at the Montessori school. We bring two to three Residents each time. The kids absolutely love the residents and the residents adore them. They are so good at including the Residents in their activities while while there and 

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are always very inquisitive, often asking many questions. Each day is different and they have done many different 

activities while there. They’ve done painting and art projects, reading, coloring, helping with worksheets, watched the kids play dress up, played with Legos, and wood building blocks.

Their recent favorite activity was when the “zoo-mobile” came and brought smaller zoo animals to the school. The Residents were able to take in all of the children’s excitement of the animals as well as were able to pet and interact with all the animals too. It’s not an everyday occurrence to go to a school and get to experience your own personal petting zoo!

The Residents love to observe the kids and always comment on how cute they are and how much energy they have.

“They always try to talk to the kids and do whatever activity they are doing. Their faces always light up when I come to pick them up and tell them we are going to go to the Montessori school. They love going,” said Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator. 

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The hour always goes by so fast and and the residents genuinely enjoy going to the Montessori school. The car rides home are filled with chatter about how much fun they had. Every so often, a mid-day snooze happens in the car after all the fun and games.

The Montessori school visits provides a unique opportunity for our Residents to experience purpose and create new and loving relationships.