Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I used to be a nurse”? I can’t say I have either because for them they will always be a nurse. It truly takes
someone with a special heart to be a nurse. It seems the nursing mentality stays with them no matter if it’s been years since they held their nursing license.

English Rose Suites is blessed to have an abundance of those special kind of people in our homes! We not only have such wonderful nurses on staff but have a wonderful group of former nurses in our homes. If you’d ask them though, they are not former nurses, they’d tell you they are nurses.

When you walk into our homes, it is often obvious which residents were nurses. Their compassion and helpfulness radiates from within. They often are the ones wanting to help the caregivers and other residents. They will tell you they are volunteering here as nurses or are here teaching and training the new caregivers. Once a nurse, always a nurse rings true at English Rose Suites.

“I don’t believe we have ever had this many residents of the same profession. It is something they all, so very much, have: the heart of a caregiver. It’s the core of who they are,” said Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Director.

Photo Nov 22, 11 41 39 PmWe hold special “Nursing Lunches” about once a month and bring all of the former resident nurses together to one home. Our Activity Coordinator leads the conversations which are generally always focused on their careers as nurses sharing many stories of their past. On this particular day the ladies talked about the history and evolution of nursing uniforms and how much they have changed over time. They also chatted about Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, and how she changed nursing.

When asked about their career as a nurse, they all said with a smile, “I loved being a nurse.”