Quality of Life Story on KSTP

kstpBlog1_250English Rose Suites is known for striving to create the richest quality of life possible for its residents. In the past, one way of enriching lives included pet King Charles Spaniels, followed by a Corgi, who lived in several of the homes. Cuddles, Grace, Molly, and Wesley provided unconditional love, comfort and companionship for our residents, not to mention a few canine adventures! This animal relationship also provided a way for our residents to more easily communicate non-verbally without the frustration oftentimes experienced when the ability to speak is lost.

Currently, we have animals visit our homes, for much appreciated sessions of comfort and companionship. In addition, our Interlachen Home has a beloved flock of parrots and birds, who keep our residents constantly entertained and amused.

kstpBlog2_250Most recently, residents at our Loch Wood home have enjoyed the unbridled joy and enthusiasm of Home Health Aide Rachelle Lavalier’s daughter, Madaline, who frequently visited. Madaline was born with Spina Bifida and although she faces many health challenges, she is always bright, cheerful, and positive. Perhaps that is why she has been such a favorite with our residents, who face their own unique challenges. Madaline’s cheerful personality is infectious and the bond is strong between this courageous sprite and English Rose Suites’ interesting octogenarians.

kstpBlog3_250Perhaps this is also why Madaline is a favorite at Gillette Children’s Hospital, where she goes for her weekly physical therapy, and why she has been chosen as a Poster Child for Gillette’s “Cure Pity” Campaign. Madaline and her mother were also recently featured on KSTP, where it is easy to see why she and Rachelle are such an inspiration and study in strength. They embody the importance of a positive attitude and are a remarkable example of how to find joy in the face of adversity!