Reminiscent of Picture Day

Glamour Shots-01While visiting a loved one  in memory care or assisted living, taking photos might not be the first thing you think to do. You’re generally solely focused on spending quality time with your loved one. We try our best to take photos of residents during fun and exciting activities and outings. Our Quality of Life Director, Katie Rinehimer, is great at encouraging staff to take photos of resident activities and sending little updates to family with pictures and videos. It is so important to honor these moments and share the joy with families.

Every year around the holidays, we bring a professional photographer into each of our homes to take portraits of the residents.

The morning of “Picture day” caregivers spend extra time getting the residents ready and dressed in their Sunday best. The ladies had their hair freshly curled and makeup done up.

When the photographer arrives, it goes by very fast. It is a bit reminiscent of elementary school “Picture Day.” Everyone gets lined up and ready for their turn. At our Indian Hills home, after everyone got their individual photos taken, one of the caregivers suggested they take a group photo with all of the residents.

“Well… how are we going to do that?” asked the photographer.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll figure it out,” said the caregiver, determined to get a group photo.

She quickly brainstormed ideas on where they could all sit close enough to each other so that they all could be in the photo together. With the help of a couple residents input on the group photo, our caregiver directed the residents to the corner by the fireplace.

The result? An adorable “family” photo to hang in on the living room wall at our Indian Hills home. The individual photos will be used in gifts for family members of our residents. I don’t think a gift can get any more special than that.

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