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Dementia is the broad term for many different types of diseases that cause memory impairment. Although the general approach to care remains the same, each type of memory loss presents care staff with unique situations. That is why our care staff at English Rose Suites are trained to know how to interact with residents that have different types of dementia.

Our highly trained care staff at English Rose Suites receive a minimum of 8 hours of training focused on dementia care, which includes understanding each disease process and how that affects approaches to cares and engagement, before staff are introduced to the residents. An important part of our dementia training focuses on how each type of dementia affects the brain differently which helps provide the best quality care. English Rose Suites’ dementia training focuses on the following forms of dementia:

The ability of our staff and training is not just limited to dementia.  We have supported many residents affected by different types of physical and mentally challenging diseases such as:

At English Rose Suites we truly understand that each person’s journey is unique and requires a different approach to cares, engagement and management.  It is our unique approach that sets us apart, looking at the whole person and approaching care from a truly holistic standpoint.  When caring for the residents we do so as a team and include family members and our staff so that we can ensure the highest level of support is given to the individual. 

Our staff also receive on-going training to help them support each resident as their disease progresses.  We care for our residents right up to the end of life and help support them through each new transition on their journey.

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