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Alex Gomez loves soccer. He has played for as long as he can remember. Gomez said it is often times hard to join an existing team because they tend to have too many players and few teams had open spots. A group of him and his friends wanted to create their own team.

Once enough kids were interested in being part of the team, team they were able to get the team started in a league. The group of 13 and 14-year olds play in the Minneapolis league “Liga Independiente” which is primarily a Latino league.

Some of the kids are underprivileged, so this team provides them with wonderful opportunities. It gives them a chance for their skills to be noticed and then hopefully be placed with teams in formal soccer clubs in the future. Many would not have had the opportunity otherwise. Formal clubs give players the opportunity for potential college scholarships.

Once everything was set in stone with the players and they had joined the league, they needed to choose a name. They voted on “Minnesota United” – possibly an ode to the Minnesota United FC?

For a logo, they chose the Brazilian National Team logo because of it’s unique design and how it stood out in comparison to the other teams established in the league.

They had a team, they had a league, they had a name and a logo, but they didn’t have jerseys. That is when English Rose Suites was approached. Alex’s mom is the administrator at English Rose Suites and bhome Home Care. The team kindly asked if English Rose Suites would consider sponsoring their team.

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We were happy to help with the jerseys. They turned out great! English Rose Suites is a proud sponsor of the United Team!

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