Southview Middle School Fair

A Partnership for the Future
by Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Coordinator

Ssouthview Middle School Fair-picFor the last three years, English Rose Suites has graciously been invited to represent the care and quality of life we give our residents at the 9th Grade Service Project Fair. As part of the Edina Public Schools’ curriculm, students are required to participate in service projects. They choose a company in the community, get to know what that company is all about and then make the commitment to work with that company over the course of a year. At the end of the year, they must turn in a presentation of their project. This year’s fair just took place on Wednesday, October 16th in the school’s Gymnasium. Not only was it well organized by Cathy Heller, Librarian at South View Middle School, the students were also well prepared for their government teachers, Claude Sigmund (Far Out Freshman Team) and Erik Lowe (Funky Freshmen Team).

Each year I attend the Service Project Fair, I am truly amazed by how wonderful the students are. This year is no different! I am already so excited for our residents to benefit from interacting with these exceptional young students. We look forward to them coming on the weekends, to spend time with the residents in our homes. They form a bond with their “Elder Partner” by understanding their Life Stories and by spending time getting to know them. Then, they engage with their partner by incorporating activites based on the resident’s Life Story.

South View Middle School Icon, 10.25.2013This is what Julie Rogers-Bascom, Service-Learning Coordinator for the Edina Public Schools had to say about English Rose Suites’ partnership with South View Middle School, “Thank you for being a stalwart partner for South View Middle School. Every student who has volunteered at English Rose Suites comes back with positive stories and a feeling of having made a difference, as well as learning about aging and dementia. Thank you to all who have partnered with us in engaging students early in their lives, so that they will become active and engaged citizens in the future.”