Spring Time Crafts

Spring Time Crafts!  

Without any Outings scheduled for the foreseeable future Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, has used her creativity, creating the Activity Calendar each month.

The Residents have been busy crafting many wonderful, spring Arts and Crafts. Olson has done a wonderful job creating activities and crafts for the Residents to enjoy using items from around English Rose Suites homes.

Spring CraftEgg Sun Catcher

The week of Easter, the Residents made egg shaped sun catchers for an afternoon craft. Olson put together crafts kits for each home with all of the items needed for the Caregivers to carry out the activity. They created the sun catchers out of coffee filters. The Residents used markers to add color to the coffee filter and then used a spray bottle to spray water on it to create a cool water color affect. Once the coffee filters were dry the Residents cut them into an egg shape and hung them on the windows. 

Spring Wreath

Another fun activity was creating spring wreaths with paper plates and coffee filters. The Residents helped punch holes in to the paper plate and cut the middle out of the plates. Then the Residents were able to use markers to color the coffee filters. Again, similar to the egg sun 

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catchers, the Residents took turns spraying the coffee filter with water for the water color effect.

“The Residents really enjoyed seeing the colors change and run together after spraying the water on the coffee filters,” said Olson.

With the help from the Caregivers, once the coffee filters were dry the Residents then pushed the coffee filters through the holes in the paper plate to create the wreath.

“The colorful wreaths turned out really cute. The homes hung them in the windows and some of the Residents even hung them on their doors. They had a lot of fun with this,” said Olson.

Floral Arrangement

Img 5518 50There is nothing better than flowers to brighten up the day. Olson created a floral arrangement activity for the Residents to celebrate spring. She gathered a bunch of faux flowers and put essential oils on them so the flowers had a similar aroma of real flowers.

The Caregivers and Residents used them to create floral arrangements for their dining room center piece.

“The Residents really love flowers. There is something about flowers that brighten their day, especially when you bring the flowers up to them, they smile and truly light up,” said Olson.

Activities like these have have been great to bring the feeling of spring inside and add a little cheer to brighten everyone’s day during this unfamiliar time.