Staying Active and Engaged

Staying Active and Engaged!

Are you curious how our Residents have been staying busy?

Staying active when outing opportunities are limited can present a challenge, but doesn’t have to if you get creative. English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care has enhanced the already full activity calendar so that Residents continue to stay busy and feel their purpose each day.

Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator, has been busy planning and creating activities to replace the usual weekly outings with things like a Hawaiian Luau to virtual travel.

“Every house is different and we have some Residents who need more hands-on, sensory activities more than others. We have been adjusting and adapting so that Residents can truly take part in each activity,” said Olson.

Take Advantage of Technology

We are blessed to live in this modern world with technology and what better time than now is there to take advantage of it. Olson has been staying connected with Resident’s families through photos on a more frequent basis as well as giving them an opportunity to Facetime or Skype with their loved one.

“It is so important for both the Residents and their Families to feel connected right now. My hope is, by offering those opportunities to families, it will help give them comfort as well as piece of mind,” said Olson.

Olson is taking advantage of all the technology that has been made available. The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and The Met are both streaming online concerts at no cost. She plans to incorporate that into activities.

The Residents had a special tour booked with the Minneapolis Institute of Art at the end of this month so instead they will be able to go on a virtual museum tour. 

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The Minneapolis Institute of Art has many unique online resources such as the virtual tour as well as three dimension models of certain art pieces.

Olson is also planning a fun, engaging travel activity for the Residents.

“We will create passports and virtually travel to different parts of the world. I have videos and photos to display as well as tangible items from different countries to make this even more engaging for the Residents,” said Olson.

Some of our Residents have traveled to many places in their lifetime so this is a wonderful opportunity for them to reminisce on their travels as well.

Fun in the KitchenImg 8836

Many of the Residents enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. We have continued to do baking group every Wednesday. Baking is a great way to get the Residents engaged and be able to enjoy their hard work! The homes just finished their Cake Wars competition which was a hit among everyone! Maybe there will have to be a “Cookie Wars” next!

Herb Gardens

Needing a way to bring the outdoors in? Plant an indoor herb garden! A couple weeks ago the Residents created a little herb garden in each house using baby food jars to plant the seeds in.

“Many of the jars have already started sprouting which is awesome. Watching how proud the Residents get when they check on their jars each day is so rewarding,” said Olson.

Having to water and take care of the herb garden each day, gives the Residents something fun for to do each day as well as giving them a purpose which is essential to well-being.

Stay Active

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While Walking Group isn’t going to the Galleria Mall or Soccer Dome right now, Olson still has made a point to continue walking group. Instead, walking group has continued outside on the days the weather cooperates. Some of our Residents are very active and truly need higher intensity exercise so Olson will take them on longer, more physical walks.

“Recently, we have started walking on the trail near Blake School which has been a really nice change of scenery. It provides the perfect environment for our more active Residents to get good exercise in,” said Olson.

Making sure to maintain a regular exercise routine no matter ability is so important right now. No matter how you exercise, keeping the body moving is an important component to well-being. The more you move, the better you feel.

“Things may not be normal or what we are used but the Residents are so lucky to be here at English Rose Suites. The wonderful friendships and bonds they have and how they interact with each other truly epitomizes English Rose Suites,” said Olson.

Advice for someone currently caring for their loved one at home right now – adapt and get creative.

“Try to find things they really enjoy doing as well as trying new things every so often to change up the everyday routine. Stay busy and follow their lead on what they do,” said Olson.

We hope this can give ideas or inspiration on different activities for your loved one!