Summer Time Fun In Minnesota

Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000 fun things to do in the summer. Being a born, bred and raised true blooded Minnesotan, I live for the summer months, even in the heat of July. If you’ve ever lived here any amount of time, you know the winters are brutally cold, at times even colder than the heart of Alaska. As soon as it hits 38 degrees in the spring, the coats come off and the sunscreen comes out. No, but really, at least the sandals make their first appearance!


When you think of fun things to do in the summer many think of the typical summer thoughts: going to the family cabin (“up nort,” dontcha know?), going fishing, going to Valley Fair, visiting the Minnesota or Como Zoo. And who could forget the Great Minnesota Get-Together? Where everything is served on a stick and deep fried. While these things are fun this great state has so much more to offer, especially if you live in the metro area.

In the Twin Cities you can take advantage of the many art festivals, free outdoor music in any one of the numerous parks, free outdoor movies in the parks (many of which are family friendly), the Minneapolis Aquatinneal, Pizza Luce’s Block Party, and so on. So you get the idea, right?


Did you know?

Minneapolis Parks have been voted the best in the U.S. for the past three years?

This year though, there was a tie… with St. Paul!

Both of our Twin Cities received perfect scores!


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