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Food 2Our staff know, firsthand, the importance of meal presentation for our Residents. Our Caregivers are trained to be able to provide not only delicious food, but also visually stimulating meals for the Residents to enjoy. Sometimes it takes more effort to engage Residents during a meal depending on where they are in their journey. We take many steps to encourage Residents to have an enjoyable meal time.

English Rose Suites takes pride in providing a holistic approach to all aspects of care. We use lemon essential oil during meal time in a couple different ways. Before meal time we diffuse lemon essential oil throughout the living areas and in dining room. We infuse washcloths with lemon essential oil and soap to wash the Residents hands before all meals. Lemon increases appetite sensations and aides in digestion.

Lemon Cloth Use 50

You’ve probably heard the saying “dress for success.” When you look your best, you not only feel better, but do better. Think about the saying. The same can be said about food. Thoughtful presentation often creates the feeling of a tastier, more appealing meal. Before food even reaches our mouths, our eyes have already judged it. Another element in our holistic approach to meal time is food presentation.

“The staff have shared with me often how excited they are, sharing delicious and beautiful meals, with the Residents, said Jolynn Ericksen, Home Services Coordinator. “They take tremendous pride in it,” she added.

Meal time isn’t only about the final product, but also getting there. It all starts when preparing the meal with the Residents’ assistance and the wonderful aroma that lingers throughout the home. Our staff encourages residents to engage in helping prep meals and cook as well. Cooking and eating together naturally creates a sense of comfort and gives the Residents a sense of purpose.

While our menus are seasonal, we are always open to suggestions from Staff, Residents, and their Families. When a Resident has suggested a menu item that they really love, we will name the item after them. For example, we had a Resident who loved Reuben sandwiches, so on the menu we named them “Joann’s Reuben’s.”

Recently a Resident showed interest in a recipe she had found in a magazine. The Staff requested the ingredients so they could make the recipe together. It’s so much about creating these personalized moments of joy that make being a part of English Rose Suites so special.

A few delicious treats showcasing the talent of our Staff! 

Food 3Food2

Food 1

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  1. Jane Gordon

    Leave it to Jayne Clairmont and the wonderful staff at ERS to make mealtime so special!!! The Bundt cake looked yummy!!!!!