Walking Group: a great way to exercise

Exercise is an important part of the residents’ and clients’ life at English Rose Suites and b♦home Home Care. If you don’t use it, you will lose it – so our motto is “keep it moving.” We offer a complete variety of exercises ranging from chair yoga to dancing the hooky poky. Exercise is built into our Meaningful Engagement Calendar twice daily. We try to have all residents participate as much as they can with exercise and activities. The benefits of exercise are numerous, no matter what age in life you are. It’s especially important the older you are.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Reduces the risk of depression
    • Physical exercise and activity releases endorphins that can elevate mood
  • Prevents wandering and restlessness
    • Adequate exercise can provide enough physical activity so a person is less likely to feel a need to move around and potentially wander out the door
  • Improve mental alertness and cognitive ability
  • Improve sleeping habits
    • Getting proper exercise and physical activity can be helpful in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle and in facilitating sound sleep at night

Resident enjoying walking groupHaving residents participate in daily activities is so important for their well-being. If our residents are unable to go on walks, we make sure to keep them engaged in other activities. It’s not only important to exercise your body, but to exercise the mind. Our activities are also built into our Meaningful Engagement calendar.Resident activites

“Movement is vital to the care of the residents. The more they move the better they feel. No one ever really wants to do exercise, so we get very creative and take them to places where we have to do a lot of walking,” said Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Director.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, we take our residents that are actively walking out on walks. In the summer when the weather is nice, we enjoy walks outside. It is so beneficial to get the residents out in the fresh air. No one likes to be cooped up inside all of the time.

During colder months or bad weather, the Edina Galleria is the perfect place for us to take our residents out on walks. They have covered parking and an elevator that leads right up to the shops. It’s a great way to get the residents out and about. They love window shopping and enjoy having a cup of coffee at the end of the walk as well – an added perk of the walking group. Let me tell you, our residents love their coffee.

Walking groupI had the opportunity to attend walking group the other day with Katie, our Quality of Life Director. It was so evident that  the residents enjoyed the car ride and watching the houses and buildings go by on the way to the mall, just as much as they enjoy their walks. One of our residents was so thrilled to stop and peer into the clothing stores. She loved the colorful blouses, dresses, and anything that sparkled. We stopped in the front of a home furnishings and accessories store. She pointed at everything and told item by item if she would buy and have in her home.

Rinehimer added, “We love looking at the diamonds at Tiffany and Co. One of my favorite memories of walking group is from when we were there walking and the gals in the group asked if we could go in to Tiffany’s and look at the diamonds.  So we did and then they were so sweet and let us try on the jewelry. The ladies’ eyes lit up. They treated them like queens that day.”

For more information and free materials on exercise and activities check out https://www.verywell.com/exercise-benefits-for-alzheimers-98666 and   https://go4life.nia.nih.gov/

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