Wedding Reminisce

Wedding Reminisce 

Resident viewing wedding photoMadison Gutknecht spent her eight-week fieldwork rotation for her Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Anoka Technical College with English Rose Suites.

Some of her time was spent supporting our Home Health Aides in the mornings with things such as beauty and barbershop and assisting Residents at breakfast. She also assisted our Activity Coordinator on outings and activities.

Part of her field work experience was to actually lead her own activities with the Residents. One of her favorite moments of her experience at English Rose Suites was the wedding reminisce she created and put together.

“I had put together different wedding related items, we did a wedding cake tasting, compared weddings from back when the Residents got married to how weddings are now,” said Gutknecht.Img 8880

Gutknecht found a couple wedding veils for the Residents to try on! It was a special moment seeing the look in their eyes as she placed the veil on their head. For many of them it was only the second time they had worn a veil, the other time being on their wedding day.

There were many kinds of wedding floral arrangements decorating the table: bridal bouquets, boutonnières and corsages.

The wedding cake taste testing was a wonderful way to incorporate a third dimension to this activity. The wedding related objects were something tangible, their wedding photos were something to look at, and the cake was something delicious to taste!

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Instead of using generic wedding photos from the past, Gutknecht decided to make this activity personalized and even more special. She contacted each Resident’s families and had them send her photos from their wedding day. Gutknecht then printed them for the Residents to look at.

“The Residents were so surprised and excited that I had their wedding photos. They wanted to know how I got them and who gave them to me,” she added.

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The room lit up with smiles, each Resident grinning from ear to ear when Gutknechthanded everyone their wedding photo. The photos sparked wonderful conversation amongst all of the Residents. Everyone was proud to talk about their wedding day and share about their husbands and wives. Their conversations were so sweet and genuine.

“This was such a fun activity to have the Residents truly engage and hear more about their life story,” said Gutknecht.

This engagement was so incredibly well thought out and made a lasting impact on each Resident. Engagement activities like this create such warm, loving conversations between Caregivers and the Residents/Clients.

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