Winter Walking Group

Winter Walking Group

Img 4960 50Exercise is such an important part of our residents’ well-being at English Rose Suites. If you don’t use it, you will lose it – so the motto is “keep it moving.”

We offer a complete variety of exercises ranging from chair yoga to dancing the Hokey Pokey. Exercise is built into our Meaningful Engagement Calendar twice daily.

Having residents participate in daily activities is so important for their well-being. If our residents are unable to go on walks, we make sure to keep them engaged in other activities. It’s not only important to exercise your body, but to exercise the mind.

“Movement is vital to the care of the residents. The more they move the better they feel. No one ever really wants to do exercise, so we get very creative and take them to places where we have to do a lot of walking,” said Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Director.

We try to have all residents participate as much as they can with exercise and activities. The benefits of exercise are numerous, no matter what age in life you are. It’s especially important the older you are.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Reduces the risk of depression
    • Physical exercise and activity releases endorphins that can elevate mood
  • Prevents Unusual Anxiety and Restlessness
    • Adequate exercise can provide enough physical activity so a person is less likely to feel a need to move around and be at risk safely outdoors
  • Improve mental alertness and cognitive ability
  • Improve sleeping habits
    • Getting proper exercise and physical activity can be helpful in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle and in facilitating sound sleep at night

Walking group is a great way to encourage residents to get up and move that doesn’t have to seem like exercise.

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Monday and Wednesday mornings we take our residents, that are actively walking, on walks. In the summer when the weather is nice, we enjoy walks around our neighborhoods but we don’t always have the pleasure of 75 degree weather and sunshine year round so during the winter months, we have walking group at indoor locations.

“For the most part we usually go to the Edina Galleria Mall or the Braemar Field & Dome for walking group in the winter,” said Alex Olson, Activity Coordinator.

The Galleria has covered parking and an elevator that leads right up to the shops so it’s a great for the cold, winter days!

“Some residents understand more that we are going for exercise and enjoy being physical and doing lots of exercise so we take them to the Soccer Dome. Other residents prefer going to the Galleria because there is much more to look at and see. The ladies enjoy looking at all the window displays and peering into stores,” added Olson.Img 4994 50

They enjoy the car ride just about as much as they enjoy going on the walks. They love watching the houses and buildings and commentating on the drive. It’s so beneficial for them to even just get out of the house, especially in the winter when we tend to be more cooped-up here in Minnesota.

No matter how you exercise, keeping your body moving is an important component to one’s well-being. What’s your favorite way to exercise in the winter?

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