Education & Ongoing Support

Education & Ongoing Support

New Caregiver Training Center

“What sets us apart is the quality of care,” explains Joshua Wert, Owner and CEO English Rose, an innovative Twin Cities provider of highly professional and compassionate care for more than 25 years. “We do this by hiring the best caregivers and providing them with the training and support they need to be successful.”

The new English Rose Caregiver Training Center on Main Street in Hopkins, MN is just one example of the type of caregiver investment that’s become a hallmark of English Rose. Its naturally-lit accommodations provide an optimal environment for caregivers to learn about English Rose’s leading-edge approach to holistic care. The facility features a spacious classroom, a private bedroom setting for hands-on medical equipment practice, and multiple break-out and gathering spaces. A state-of-the-art kitchen will be added in the near future for meal prep and dining training. “This level of caregiver-centric infrastructure is unique in our industry because most healthcare providers are only focused just on the numbers,” explains Wert. “We focus on the people.”

Person-Centric Training

“While everyone else is migrating to online training modules,” states Zach Parlier, English Rose Director of Team Member Development, “we’re doubling down on in-person training. English Rose’s approach to care is relationship based. So is our approach to caregiver training.”

Every English Rose caregiver, regardless of prior experience, benefits from 24 hours of in-person classroom training covering a whole gamut of topics including aging, dementia, Parkinson’s, and various other aspects of holistic health. Onboarding then moves to 16 hours on the floor, so recruits can practice new skills while being mentored by seasoned caregivers and senior staff. Only then are caregivers ‘English Rose Certified’ and ready to work independently with residents and home health care clients.

“Our training program is as comprehensive as our approach to care,” explains Parlier. “At English Rose, we understand that people are both unique and complex. In-person training allows us to tailor the curriculum to the individual caregiver, enhancing their strengths and offering extra support when there is an identifiable development opportunity.”

Further support is offered throughout a caregiver’s English Rose career. There are company-wide continuing education programs, small-group training from specialists across various disciplines, pop-up skill workshops, and ongoing coaching from senior staff.

Life Navigation Support

“Just like our approach to caring for residents, we are holistic when it comes to supporting team members,” says Tiffany Gomez, English Rose Administrator. “We steward each caregiver’s professional journey and do whatever we can to strengthen their individual success at work as well as in their personal life.”

English Rose created a dedicated Life Navigator position in 2022 as a resource for team members who would like help solving problems that are not directly related to work. The response has exceeded expectations, both in the frequency of requests as well as the variety of topics covered. Life Navigator inquiries are, of course, totally confidential. Senior management has no idea who is talking with the Life Navigator or the details of those conversations. They only see a monthly log that lists the date and general topic of new inquiries.

“Team members ask for help in areas that are usually out of bounds in a typical employee-employer relationship,” says Gomez. “They’re seeking a thought partner on housing, relationships, transportation, childcare, legal issues, budgeting, education, career planning and more. We’re thrilled to help because we want our caregivers to experience success in all aspects of their lives.” The Life Navigator program is complemented by other innovative employee wellness perks such as free massages, discounted auto repair services, no-charge loaner cars, hardship loans, and “dream dollar” grants.

If it sounds over the top, that’s by design. “We’re in the business of helping people live lives that flourish with meaning and purpose,” says owner Joshua Wert. “That doesn’t just apply to our Home Health Care clients and resident living in our Assisted Living and Memory Care homes. It applies to everyone at English Rose, which is what makes us the employee of choice for the best caregivers in the world.”

Complimentary Consultation

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