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The English Rose Approach

Wellbeing at English Rose

At English Rose, our mission is to optimize wellbeing. What makes this a challenge is that the definition of wellbeing is different for every person. Moreover, the factors that contribute to an individual’s wellbeing change over time as they age or their disease progresses. What makes English Rose so unique is our ability to stay in tune with each individual and adjust our approach to care accordingly.


Purposeful Wellbeing

  • Preparing Meals
  • Setting and Clearing Table
  • Gardening and Yardwork
  • Shopping, Laundry, Tidying Up
  • Hair, Glasses, Nails

Intellectual Wellbeing

  • Current Events and News
  • Exploring Topics of Interest
  • Lifelong Learning and Storytelling
  • Problem Solving
  • Cultural and Community Excursions

Social Wellbeing

  • Visiting With Family and Friends
  • Personal History Reminiscing
  • Intergenerational Connections
  • Household Friendships
  • Birthdays and Holidays

Spiritual Wellbeing

  • Nature (Fresh Air, Natural Light, Animals)
  • Music Therapy and Art Appreciation
  • Meditation and Daily Reflections
  • Community (Neighbors and Philanthropy)
  • Faith (Embracing, Celebrating, Learning)

Physical Wellbeing

  • Mobility and Coordination
  • Flexibility and Balance (Yoga, Stretching)
  • Hydration and Nutrition
  • Aches and Pains (Massage, Foot Soaks)
  • Sensory (Essential Oils, Light Therapy)
It’s About the People

At English Rose, our caregivers are the heroes. Day in and day out, they accompany our residents and home health care clients on their individual journeys of wellbeing. With ongoing support from inspired leaders, who were all once English Rose caregivers themselves, our staff are intellectually and spiritually nimble enough to engage, wherever the path leads, sharing their personal skills and passions along the way. English Rose care is in a class of its own. So are our caregivers.

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