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Superior Pay and Benefits

There is a reason that English Rose is a top choice employer in the Minneapolis area.

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Working at English Rose has prepared me to work in an environment that values constant learning in order to provide the best care possible. Interacting with the wonderful residents has taught me so much about the importance of exercising adaptivity and creativity to find solutions!


English Rose provides a very homey feeling to the job. All of the staff are fun to work with and they truly care for their residents. We are unique in our emphasis on resident engagement, which really helps slow down the progression of dementia. The Leadership continues to show compassion and understanding for the situations of both the residents and staff!


Working at ER has taught me essential healthcare skills, including creating meaningful relationships with clients, providing proper hygiene care, and maintaining collaborative relations with colleagues. I hope to carry these skills in my future nursing practice. I would encourage all future healthcare workers to work as a HHA/CNA, it is a great foundation.


Core Values

At English Rose, three Core Values guide our behavior and inform our decisions.


We believe in the simple but transformational power of relationships. The work we do is not transactional. We are here to make a difference. To acknowledge dignity and meaning in every person. We know that each connection has the potential to lift a spirit, brighten a day and change a life. It’s why we start our mornings with optimism and end each night full of gratitude. Guided by a spirit of openness and compassion, we bring sincerity and warmth to our daily interactions. Because at English Rose, building relationships is at the heart of everything we do.


We recognize excellence as an ever-evolving path not a static goal. Constantly striving to do better requires us to be self-motivated, pay close attention to details, and navigate challenges with perseverance. Yet excellence at English Rose is also a shared experience. It’s why we always collaborate, communicate and lead by example. Because we know that interdependence, rather than individual performance, is the surest and most enduring path to success.


Presence means being skillful listeners, thoughtful in approach and agile in response. It’s emotional intelligence in action. We are attuned to the full story of each individual, and we honor wherever he or she is in the moment. Intellectually and spiritually nimble enough to engage, wherever the journey leads, we bring our personal skills and passions to English Rose every day. Because meaning and purpose flourish when we are present and authentic in one another’s lives.

Who We're Looking To Hire


Whether you’re studying nursing, in a pre-med program or something else to prepare you for a career in the medical field, working at English Rose is the perfect next step for you. At English Rose, we provide you with a plethora of valuable, hands-on and exciting experiences that will set you up for success in your career ahead. As a student with a demanding course load, we’re also flexible with your hours and accommodating to your scheduling needs.

New Caregivers

If you’ve been searching for a career that allows you to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, provides you with an in-demand and unique skill set, and supports you in your personal and professional development every step of the way, then becoming a caregiver might be the perfect next move for you. You don’t need any previous experience in the medical field — we provide you with all of the training you need and help you get started in your exciting new career.

Experienced Caregivers

If you have already made a career out of caregiving, then first of all, thank you for choosing such important work. People like you make the biggest difference in the lives of those who are living with dementia, which is why we would love for you to consider working with us here at English Rose. We’re always looking for experienced and passionate caregivers like you who can not only bring a great deal to our residents, but also inspire and lead newer caregivers along the way.

At English Rose, We Take Care Of Our Team

Hi there,


My name is Joshua Wert and I’m the Owner & CEO here at English Rose. Thank you for taking the time to check out our page and consider applying to join our team. If you’re reading this right now, my guess is that you’re looking to build a fulfilling career that allows you to help others and build invaluable professional skills. If so, you’re in the right place!

Here at English Rose, we are committed to supporting every single Caregiver in reaching their full potential in this field. We promise to provide you with superior training, benefits, and guidance as you embark on this rewarding journey in our loving, warm environment. 


Thank you again. We’re looking forward to seeing your submitted application soon and getting to know you better. 


To Your Success,


Common Questions

Do I need to be certified to be a Caregiver at English Rose?

No, you do not need a CNA certification. We invite applicants of all backgrounds to explore this meaningful and fulfilling career.

Do I need to have experience in memory care or in the medical field?

No, you do not. We provide extensive training for new team members, making sure that you are prepared and confident to excel in your job. Of course, if you come with a medical background or are a student in the healthcare field, that only helps!

I’m a nursing or pre-med student. Is English Rose a good fit for me for a part-time role?

Absolutely! Working at English Rose will give you the hands-on experience you need to strengthen your skills, develop your ability to authentically connect with patients, and build confidence in yourself as a care provider. Plus, it’s an excellent way to fulfill your patient care experience requirements!

I’ve been a CNA, Home Health Aide or nurse for many years and am looking for my next opportunity. Why should I choose English Rose?

Great question! At English Rose, we value experience in the field and reward our team members with superior benefits and pay. We never work short staffed or bring in “fill in staff” from agencies. Our Caregivers all work for English Rose and know their residents. Our 1:3 staff to resident ratio during the day and evening doesn’t change making it possible for you to develop real relationships and maintain your high quality of care.

I have more questions!

No problem. Shoot us an email at

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